Missions We Support

Global Ministry is mobilizing the local church to impact our neighbors, our community, and the world with the reality of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed Mount Auburn to participate with Him in this mission. 

We believe that the Word of God is an epic story of God’s glory. Scripture weaves a consistent theme that focuses on God's glory being revealed to His creation. Therefore, the mission is not about people, but about God and His purpose for people, which is 'to glorify God and enjoy Him forever'.

Following humanity's separation from God, a plan of redemption born out of God’s love for all people began to unfold. We see this in Genesis with God's promise to Abraham, then God's dealings with the nation of Israel, Christ's life, the Cross, the Church, and culminating in the book of Revelation where we see "every tongue, tribe, and nation" worshipping at the feet of Jesus.

Our desire is to help the local church seamlessly integrate God's global purposes into the fabric of their lives, so that Jesus Christ is known across the street and across the world.

At Mount Auburn we are privileged to come along side these Christ-followers who are helping to make Jesus known. 


Lanna Theological Center is a private Christian Center for church leadership training. Founded in May 2003, it is the successor to two earlier schools; the Chiang Mai Bible Institute (established 1975) and the Center for Biblical Studies (established 1983).  The campus is located in San Sai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Chiang Mai is the "second city" of Thailand and is quickly becoming an important economic center for Southeast Asia. Lanna Theological Center is thus strategically located to serve the churches of Thailand and surrounding  countries. LTC exists to prepare workers for the Lord's Harvest, offering various kinds of programs and activities to help young Christians mature and be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to impact their communities for Christ.   David Filbeck is a leader of this mission along with his wife, Sharon, who grew up right here at Mount Auburn.



Joel and Marilyn Khopang are part of the North Burma Christian Mission team that is carrying on a tradition of missionary work in northern Thailand.  Joel works among the Lisu, Lahu, Anung, Shan, and Pathong tribal groups in many northern villages in Thailand as well as other unreached people groups in S.E. Asian countries. The ministry includes outreach evangelism, church planting, leadership training, and literature translation. Marilyn is involved in music-ministry that shares the gospel through music. She writes and creates many CDs and DVDs that are distributed and enjoyed throughout the region in multiple languages among the Lahu, Lisu, Anung tribes and more.



This ministry to orphaned children in the northeastern part of India is led by Elilo Patton. We met her through one of our other missionaries, Joel Khopang, from Thailand (see above, NORTH BURMA CHRISTIAN MISSION). Elilo has a Master's degree from Lincoln Christian Seminary.



This organization is actively involved in sharing Jesus with the children and people of Mexico through children’s homes, Christian schools, medical outreach, and church planting. The Greater Mexico City Area is among the largest urban areas in the world with a population estimated to be just over 21 million. In this city alone, there are hundreds of thousands of street children. Some have been orphaned. Others have been abandoned. Still, others are abused. All need the love of Jesus. Mount Auburn has been supporting this mission since 1970 and in the past has sent teams for short-term service trips.  



This Bible College provides an affordable education to raise up as many servant-leaders for the church as possible. They believe so completely in what their students can do for Christ that they want to equip them with a quality education at an affordable price to keep their future ministry from being burdened by financial stress. 



Led by missionaries Lucas and Alana Rouggly, LOVEtheLOU is a mission in North St. Louis to bring about a gospel transformation in the inner city of St. Louis. Lucas was raised at Mount Auburn Christian Church and now we partner with him and his family as they reach out to those in poverty here in the U.S.



Darin Kleeman is a church planter in the unchurched Missouri Bootheel, an area where less than 32% of residents attend church. Over the past two years, The Kleeman family has established two churches:   Mile City Christian in Dexter, Missouri and Cobblestone Christian in Poplar Bluff.